NBN Migration


The client, a large Australian telecommunications provider, had a significant customer base and a substantial network infrastructure across Australia. As the NBN rollout accelerated, the client needed to migrate its services to the NBN to maintain its competitive edge and provide its customers with the best possible experience.


The client needed to decommission its legacy copper network and migrate its customers to the new NBN network. This was a complex and challenging task that required a significant amount of planning and coordination.

The Solution

Efiniti worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive decommissioning and migration plan. This plan included the following steps:

    1. Inventory and Assessment: Efiniti conducted a thorough inventory of the client’s existing infrastructure and assessed the impact of the NBN rollout on the network.
    2. Design and Planning: Efiniti worked with the client to design the new network and plan the migration process. This involved coordinating with various internal and external stakeholders, including customers and vendors.
    3. Testing and Validation: Efiniti conducted extensive testing and validation to ensure the new network was fully functional and met all regulatory requirements.
    4. Migration: Efiniti migrated the client’s customers to the new NBN network. This involved coordinating with customers to schedule appointments and ensure a smooth transition. 

The Result

The NBN migration project was completed on time and within budget. Efiniti’s expertise and resources helped the clients avoid potential issues and ensure a seamless rollout. The successful project delivery also resulted in Efiniti securing additional work from the client on future projects.

   Key Highlights:

    • Efiniti’s Service Fulfillment successfully transitioned or terminated approximately 100,000 individual business-grade services for our customers
    • Efiniti’s Service Fulfillment team liaise with 2,825 unique client’s customer accounts
    • Efiniti ensured seamless integration of legacy systems and new technology, minimising disruption to the client and its customers during the transition phase


Efiniti’s experience and expertise in technology decommissioning and migration proved valuable in ensuring the success of the client’s NBN rollout. The comprehensive decommissioning and migration plan, combined with Efiniti’s resources and coordination efforts, resulted in a smooth transition to the new NBN network.

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