Network Audit

Network Audit Tool


Efiniti was approached by a client from the telecommunications industry to develop an analytical tool. The tool aimed to provide real-time insights to the client regarding their customer base, product usage, and network performance. The project was challenging, as it involved integrating multiple data sources and building a sophisticated analytical engine. Efiniti assembled a team of BA, developers, and data scientists to deliver the project successfully.

Client Background

The client is one of the largest telecom service providers in Australia. With a large customer base, the client faced several challenges in managing their network infrastructure and delivering quality services to their customers. The client’s management recognised the need for a data-driven approach to improve their operations and customer experience.


The client wanted to replace all legacy instruments due to their high power consumption and limited capabilities. However, they lack a proper reporting and analytical system to gain insights into the services connected to these instruments, posing a challenge for the transition. The client needed an analytical tool that could consolidate data from various sources and provide real-time insights to their operations teams.

Solution and Outcome provided by Efiniti

Efiniti worked closely with the client’s team to understand their requirements and challenges. The BA team acted as the liaison between the stakeholders and the development team, ensuring that the tool met the client’s business requirements. The team was responsible for analysing the client’s business processes, eliciting and documenting requirements, identifying gaps, and verifying the implementation of the solution.

The development team successfully created a reporting tool to analyse metrics related to decommissioned exchanges. Using the data manipulation tools, the team extracted data from multiple databases using SQL queries and performed metrics analysis using statistical methods and visualisation techniques. They also created visually appealing reports and dashboards and developed a user-friendly UI. The tool allowed stakeholders to easily select exchanges to analyse and view the generated reports and dashboards.


The project was successful, with the client satisfied with the tool’s capabilities and performance. The tool provided valuable insights into existing network inventory, helping the client improve their operations and customer experience by decommissioning the legacy equipment and successfully migrating services to the new one. Efiniti’s team worked closely with the client, ensuring proper coordination and communication throughout the project’s lifecycle. The tool proved to be a valuable asset for the client, helping them achieve their business goal.

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