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Network Provisioning

Efiniti is a leading provider of network provisioning services for telecommunication providers. Our services are designed to help clients streamline their network operations, improve network performance, and deliver better services to their customers.

Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience in working with leading technologies and vendors such as Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, NEC, Ceragon, Nortel, Nokia, and Alcatel, covering various technologies such as IP, CE, DWDM, and MW.

We offer network provisioning services for all network topologies, including testing, resolution, integration, monitoring, mapping, trials, and auditing of all network elements. Our provisioning services are scalable and flexible, adapting to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Our Services

Network Monitoring

Proficient in network monitoring, ensuring network integrity is stable and requirements are met and delivered without any issues or interruptions.

Network Testing

Experienced in completing inbound and outbound network testing and integration with internal & external parties.

Network Configuration

Experienced in configuring for inbound and outbound international roaming across various vendors’ equipment and core elements such as MSS, MGW, STP, SGSN, DNS, and HLR.

Mapping & De-Mapping

Proficient in transmission mapping and de-mapping systems such as Cisco , Juniper, Nortel, Ciena, Alcatel, Huawei, Fujitsu, Fortinet, etc.

Service Migration & Recovery

Experienced in implementing new services, migrate existing ones. We also do pre and post-checks for any issues and clean up the logical network by recovering or de provisioning any services that may no longer be required.

Customer Support

Proactively supporting the customer and end user improving their network performance.

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